Community Support Worker Expectations

Getting the balance right and maintaining good professional boundaries as a CSW can sometimes be tricky. You are expected to:

  • Help and support clients to the best of your ability, within the scope of your job description. This means not doing things that aren’t part of your specific role as a CSW.
  • Ensure that you do no harm. This means ensuring that you have the skills you need to do your job and not overstepping the boundaries.
  • Ensure that your actions are based around the needs of your client and are related only to the purpose of your visit. This means not giving personal advice or sharing your personal information/social media accounts.
  • Work for the good of the CFWA team and be mindful that you are representing the organisation in all your interactions with clients and their families.

Maintaining your professional boundaries is not only about your interactions with clients but also about how you manage your own emotions.