Community Support Worker – Professional Boundaries

Professional Boundaries Module Contents This module covers: What are Professional Boundaries? CSW Expectations Establishing Professional Boundaries Risks of Unclear Boundaries Signs of Boundary Problems Social Media Gift Giving Visiting in Hospital or Out of Hours Levels of Boundaries

Community Support Worker- CF Respiratory Medications

Community Support Worker – CF Respiratory Medications Module Contents People with CF take lots of medications to treat their respiratory disease. This module explains the different medications, how they work and when they should be taken. In this module we will cover: Bronchodilators Mucolytics Antibiotics Anti-inflammatories Click below to start the CF Respiratory Medications module

Nutrition and Enzymes at School

Nutrition and Enzymes at School In this module you will learn about CF nutrition and enzymes for children with cystic fibrosis in a school setting.

Cystic Fibrosis at School E-Learning

Cystic Fibrosis at School/Day Care Learn about how cystic fibrosis (CF) affects your student/s, and the best ways to support them in an education/care setting. This core module, suggested for all educators, covers the basics of CF, and CF management in the education setting. Based on your student’s circumstances, there are several optional topics available …

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